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Nutraj Saffron- The mark of Purity & Quality

Renowned as one of the most expensive spices in the world, Saffron is often described as the store of nutrients with ample amount of health benefits packed in it.

“Nutraj Saffron”, distinguished for its excellent quality and purity, can be placed amongst the best in the world- It takes about 150 Crocus Flowers, selected and handpicked, to produce just one gram of our Dry Saffron. Our Saffron meets ISO-3632 CAT-1 Standard which is a confirmation of purity, quality, highest aroma, colour strength (Min- 190nm) and free from any adulteration.
Also known for preventing breast cancer, Saffron is commonly known as ‘Red Gold’ that may help treat many diseases like asthma and leukemia.

With a very small quantity of “Nutraj Saffron, you can add exquisite flavour, colour and indulgent aroma to your favourite dishes and drinks as Rice-Pulao, Kheers, Sweets, Soups, Tea, Coffee, Kahwa, Pasta, and endless list of your culinary choices.

Add heavenly flavour of Nutraj Saffron to your food and squeeze out more of its excellence and let its aroma fill you up with health and taste.


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