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Factory at a Glance- VKC Nuts Pvt Ltd


VKC NUTS is India's largest organized processor of all nuts and dry fruits.

The company's worldwide network for imports-exports, decades of experience, world-class processing unit and deep penetration at all levels of domestic nut and dry fruit trade has made VKC a recognized name in the industry. The foundation of the Company's growth in the last few years was enormously great and is exceptionally the result of its profound understanding of the economic stimuli and the ability to transfer them into the desired customer offerings that has added stars to its success.


VKC has four processing units, 3 in the high lands of Jammu & Kashmir and the 4rth in Tronica city, NCR. VKC Nuts is one of the few companies in India to have laser sorting, vacuum packaging, modified atmosphere packaging and robotic pouch packaging. They make the most effective and efficient use of their modern techniques for packaging and roast their nuts to perfection to make healthy and nutty trail mixes. Over the years VKC has expanded its range from just walnuts to the whole plethora of nuts, dry fruits, seeds and berries. They are available as raw, whole, sliced, diced, blanched or roasted, customized as required by the customer. VKC focuses on individual customer needs, their customer centric approach to provide their customers with the best of their products and the right product mix for various end use application, have helped them win over the hearts of their customers as partners in growth. The company leverages an extensive global network that has been cultivated over the past 90 years to source the best produced from various parts of the world.


The team at VKC takes pride in being recognized and identified as walnut people across the Indian Nuts and dry fruit trade for their strong presence in both export and import in domestic market.

The team works tirelessly towards the shared goals of the company to stand to the colossal expectations of the customers.


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