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VKC, India's leading fully integrated Nuts & Dried Fruit Company today, traces its modest, but very old roots in the pristine state of J&K, the land of beauty and splendour.VKC carries with it the heritage of four generations, their passion and commitment to Nuts & Dried Fruits. Till 90's we were a small Walnut Processing unit catering to both Export and Indian markets outside J&K in small but unique way, selling quality walnuts that exceedingly met the expectations of our customers- their continued patronage being key to our tremendous success that followed.

The Team VKC today comprises of dedicated family members, professionals, and associates who have synergized their core competencies to coalesce "VKC" into a unified entity that stands for Strength, Commitment, Energy, Innovation and Vision to lead the Nuts & Dried Fruit Trade in India.

We have blended our traditional knowledge with right sourcing from origins, innovation in Processing, Product Development and Packaging. Our operations today, through our Multi Product 'State of the Art Processing Facilities' and Offices in NCR, Mumbai and J&K, span all verticals of the Nuts & Dried Fruits Trade such as Imports, Exports, Processing, Trading, Wholesale, Modern and Online Retail. CAGR of 25% and SME-1 Rating- the highest in 'MSME Category' for multiple years by 'CRISIL' testifies our overall strength that gives confidence to our worldwide buyers and sellers.

We bow with gratitude and in salutation to our esteemed customers in all segments, for their continued patronage - Our sincere thanks to you all for making us India's Premier Nuts and Dried Fruits Co.


News, information, white papers, blogs and presentations

VKC's roots trace back to a modest Nuts & Dried Fruits Trading Co. established in 1926 as 'Hansraj Balwantrai' - Father & Son Duo which has now metamorphosed as VKC Nuts Pvt Ltd with present management constituting two sons and grandsons of the founder Late Lala Balwantrai. The important milestones in VKC's history:

Vision Statment


Quality has always been a top priority at VKC Nuts. With a strong focus on sourcing quality produce, managing full traceability and fully integrating quality control in our supply chain, we are in a unique position to fully satisfy the demands of even our most discerning partners.


Today's volatile business environment is fullwith potential risks. VKC Nuts has a proven reputation and track record in eliminating those risks for its customers and suppliers. Whatever the circumstances, we guarantee proper and timely execution of our contracts.


We help to bridge the needs of customers and suppliers by closely monitoring developments in the market. We manage risks and ensure flexibility, quality, and timely delivery. We source from selected suppliers and provide strategic storage and transport.